Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of registration.

CBRFUR PTY LTD events are subject to the same set of terms and conditions outlined below. Harbour City Fur Con (HCFC) and CBRFUR are 18+ with no exception to that rule. Permission from parents or an accompanying gaurdian also apply to this rule. Please always have your badge on you during events.

Refunds can be provided up to (90) days prior to the event if artwork has not been delivered.

If you have artwork provided and still can not go you can contact us to have your registration transferred to someone who is able to come, up to 7 days before the event (no transfers are accepted after that time).

Drugs and Alcohol

All events have a zero tolerance policy on illicit drugs and underage drinking. We encourage safe drinking practices.

Media and Photography

Please make sure to practice common courtesy when taking photos at our events. If someone has explicit wishes not to be in your photo, please attempt to your best ability to make sure they are not in your shot. Or remove them in post-production. It is also up to you as an individual who does not wish to have their photo taken to make sure you avoid cameras yourself as they are within their rights to take photos on public or privately rented space.

Behaviour and Conduct

Please refrain from any inappropriate behaviour in and around the con space. However, this also extends beyond our event. If you are found to be placing an individual in danger outside of any of our events or acting inappropriately, you will be asked politely not to attend our events. And if registration has been paid you will be refunded.

Displays of paraphilia/fetish gear in public is not acceptable under any circumstances. This coincides with our wishes to display a professional image. Collars are acceptable, however we advise you to refrain from wearing leashes, as we would like to avoid people getting tangled up or items getting damaged.

Any damage incurred to the hotel by attendees will be billed back to you. Noncompliance on this matter will result in litigation to reclaim the costs of the damage(s).


Our events have a zero tolerance policy on ghosting. Badge sharing will result in a cancellation of your registration and you will be asked kindly not to return to any CBRFUR PTY LTD run events.

By registering for CBRFUR PTY LTD events you agree that you will abide by the code of conduct and terms of conditions as stated above. CBRFUR PTY LTD reserves the right to remove any attendee from our events for any reason. This policy is subject to change at any time.

Code of conduct can be found on its page here.