Code of Conduct

General Conduct

Conduct rules apply to every CBRFUR PTY LTD event.

Please behave yourself within the convention space and the hotel. Making sure you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. CBRFUR PTY LTD reserves to remove the registration from any of its attendees if it seems they have broken any of the terms or conduct codes. You will receive a refund and you will be asked not to return to any CBRFUR PTY LTD run event.

This however also applies to external events where their own conduct rules may be in place. When visiting an attraction or location. Make sure to follow instruction from their staff, this may include removing your fursuit head or parts, presenting ID where required and paying admission costs. If any damage is caused by an individual, CBRFUR PTY LTD takes no responsibility, they will have their registration removed and the individual will be required to pay for damages.


Remain respectful towards someone’s property at all times also. Do not touch/sit in/pose on someone’s car if you have not asked them to do so. Make sure to ask a fursuiter if it is alright to interact and touch them. If a fursuiter does not want to interact that is their choice. If you are a suiter and feel harassed by an individual at a CBRFUR PTY LTD event. Feel free to contact us on any of our respective channels or send us an email.

Headless lounge and storage policy

As HCFC does not have a headless lounge yet, you can not leave your belongings in the convention space. We suggest asking friends beforehand if you could leave your suit in an onsite room if for some reason you do not have a hotel room. This policy is subject to change in the future. However if we see your belongings in the space you may be asked to move your belongings or have it moved outside by security.


Our photography team reserves the right to choose the subjects of their photos, feel free to approach them and ask for a photo if you see them. However, if they refuse, this is their right to. If you do not want to be photographed, it is your responsibility to either notify the photography directly prior to the photograph being taken. Or alternatively, do your best to avoid them. Furry conventions have lots of cameras present and it is not the responsibility of the con staff to do this.

Feel free to take as many photos at our events as you like. We will endeavour to have them up for our attendees on various media sharing sites such as drop box for an extended period of time before they will be taken down and archived.

This code of conduct is subject to change.