This is the Schedule from 2016 for reference. Not the current schedule. However as per every CBRFUR schedule there will be similarities this year with an inclusion of the function room for the Sunday night also for 2017. Please be patient as we piece together the contents for CBRFUR to ensure we have another awesome event!

Friday 11th November 2016

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Australian National Botanic Gardens (map)

Intro lunch for those who can come along during the day at the Botanic Gardens on Clunies Ross St.

Entry is free with paid parking.

6PM - 11PM

Event space open (map)

Our event space will open at the Pavilion. Come and hang out with everyone for fun and games and maybe some suiting. We'll have two VR headsets for everyone to try, and there's a in-room bar plus food service available in the room.

Saturday 12th November 2016

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Pavilion Hotel (map)

Meet up at the Hotel as we prepare to convoy down to the Cotter Reserve for lunch. The Cotter Picnic Area is a 30 minute drive from the hotel, which we'll leave from at approximately 11:30.

12PM - 2:30PM

Cotter Reserve (map)

Lunch with plenty of time for suiting and photography at the Cotter Picnic Area. Sausages and soft drinks are provided for everyone.


Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (map)

Following on from the Cotter lunch, we will drive to the tracking station for more suiting and photography opportunities.

Phone coverage is very limited, so be sure to follow the convoy or check your maps before you leave. The DSC's address is 421 Discovery Dr, Paddys River ACT 2620, a 20 minute straight drive down Paddys River Rd beyond the Cotter, turning left at Discovery Drive.

6PM - 11PM

Event space open (map)

Our event space will open up again for more socialising and VR games.

Sunday 13th November 2016

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Cockington Green (map)

Cockington Green miniature villiage suit walk and photos. Entry costs $19.50pp and is payable on arrival to the venue.

Cockington Green is located at 11 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls ACT 2913